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Welcome to Lake County South Dakota

Lake County lies in the eastern portion of the State of South Dakota at the crossroads of United States Highway 81 and South Dakota Highway 34. Major cities within the area include Fargo, Sioux City, Minneapolis, and Sioux Falls.Lake County South Dakota

The county is comprised of five incorporated (Madison, Nunda, Prairie Village, Ramona, and Wentworth) and five unincorporated communities (Chester, Franklin, Junius, Rutland. and Winfred), and sixteen townships. The centrally located City of Madison is the county seat.

Streams, Lakes and Wetlands
The water drainage in Lake County is concentrated in two river basins (the Big Sioux River and Vermillion River). The East Fork of the Vermillion River, along with Black Creek, North Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Skunk Creek, Park Creek, and Battle Creek form the major surface drainage features in Lake County. While Battle Creek, Black Creek, North Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Skunk Creek, and Park Creek with their tributaries drain 72.9 percent of the county into the Big Sioux River Basin, the East Fork of the Vermillion River along with its tributaries drains the remainder of the county.

Wetlands are prevalent throughout the entire county. Wetlands perform a variety of functions, serving as natural water purifiers by filtering out pollutants, thereby enhancing surface and groundwater quality, increasing wildlife and fish habitat and providing recreational opportunities. Wetlands also reduce siltation and control flooding by slowing runoff during rapid snow melt and heavy rainfall, releasing water gradually so erosion and downstream flooding are minimized.

The climate of the Lake County is relatively medium throughout the year, characterized by cold, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Temperatures occasionally exceed 100°F in the summer months (May-September), and periodically drops below -25°F in the winter months (November-March). The average growing season is about 150-180 days. Because Lake County spans a wide range of similar region, there is little variation in precipitation, and elevations. This in most part explains why the county has a similar rain and snow fall each year. The average elevation at the Madison airport is 1320 feet above sea level.

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